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National Popcorn Day | Popcorn Facts

I hope you enjoy my popcorn facts, I found them pretty interesting!

  • The oldest popcorn ever found came from Mexico and they are over 4000 years old, you have to admit thats pretty damn old…
  • Americans average an annual consumption of 68 quarts of popcorn each which means they eat more than 17 billion quarts all by themselves, woah.. thats a lot! I’m not sure what the British people consume!
  • Americans have been popping corn since long before the first European explorers arrived which makes it one of our most popular Native American traditions.
  • Before stoves and microwaves, hot sand was used to provide the right kind of heat to make corn kernels pop.
  • Just like today, popcorn has always served more than one purpose including as a food source and for decorative or ceremonial purposes! Pretty cool right.
  • Popcorn joined the mobile generation in 1893 when an inventor named Charles Cretors introduced the first moveable popcorn machine at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
  • Because it remained a relatively lost cost item, it maintained its popularity through the Great Depression.
  • Sugar shortages during WWII made candy hard to come by, catapulting the consumption to three times its pre-war levels! Everyone loves their popcorn.
  • The Kernel also hit a career slump when televisions started making their way into American homes impacting the sale of movie tickets and the sale of popcorn which was primarily consumed at the movies. However, with the demand in the latest 2013 starting to increase the demand for the kernel has also increased, also with a lot more people having home cinemas the demand increased!

I hope you have enjoyed my National popcorn day post, on the best popcorn facts, make sure you eat loads today! Do it for the popcorn. If you have any other great facts remember to tweet me @mrjamesvincent

Have a great evening and keep eating, today is the perfect excuse!