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Nerve could become a reality very soon…

With the release of the new movie Nerve, a lot of the population are watching that movie with a sense of excitement and attraction. We look at a movie like that where the integration of social media, gambling and sex appeal are intertwined between the three.. But, how close are we to actually making something like this 21st century, tech/teen movie a reality.

Well, we are closer than you think! Look at apps like Vine, youtube and even the generic ones like Twitter and Facebook. We are so integrated with social media, a trend may hit social media before the news even get their hands on it. A photo may me posted in Japan, trend in america before his next door neighbour sees it.

Franco explains. “It starts off as this fun scavenger hunt-type game and it’s very light. What could possibly go wrong?

But thats what social media is for without sounding generic “Connecting people” but look at platforms line vine, there have been certain trends that hit the public, some good like the ice bucket challenge, promoting charity. To the opposite spectrum of doing stupid challenges that could potentially harm you all for the recognition from your public peers.

Franco sees the way people are much more willing to be cruel to each other when they’re hiding behind a computer screen, and it’s why he’s not increasing his cyber-footprint anytime soon.

Nerve is basically a betting app, a user can do as truth or dare for money, the more wild things you do, the greater the money. Who says this won’t become a reality in the years to come? There will be limitations where the user can’t perform illegal acts. But I can definitely see it becoming something that people would use… Kiss a stranger for 100 dollars… Would you really say no?

The attraction a user has to do something exciting, a bit out there for money… There wouldn’t be a lot of people that would say no! The problem is something like nerve could be be released as something quite innocent and could develop into something a little darker…

What do you think, is nerve something you would play? Share your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.