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New Protein | Blast Nutrition

I’ve recently done a few posts and you guys asked what protein I actually use so let me tell you!

In the past I’ve tried a fair few types, from USN, My protein, Bulk Powders and many more, there have been some which have been great and some which have been okay… But recently a friend of mine actually started his own protein brand called Blast Nutrition!

So I thought I would support a friend and try his stuff out, I bought his Whey product yesterday and I have to say I’m in love with it! Great price, mixes easily and tastes awesome! What I like about their protein is that its not loaded with loads of weird stuff, have you ever looked at the back of the protein bottle and thought, what is half of this stuff they have put in? Blast Nutrition, keep its simple, protein, BCAAS and Glutamine. No dodgey chemicals!

I bought the banana flavour as I wanted something fruity, Ive already made smoothies,  lollies and of course shakes! They offer a range of flavours, supplements and many more! Check out their Facebook page here

If you have any other questions tweet me @mrjamesvincent 

Have a great day,