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Next Fashion | The Suit of the week, Will It Be Yours Next Week?

Good evening you lovely people, I’m here today to talk about Next Fashion, why you should be looking here for your next suit and if you’re skeptical, let me explain why. Right, lets begin! 

Suits, I love them, they just scream sophistication, class and make you look ten times better (If they are fitted properly). With that in mind, let me discuss the power and importance of the Next suit. This skinny fit, light blue, attractive, bold suit looks great. I will admit, for the season we are in, the colour isn’t right. Because of the colder seasons here in Britain, you should be looking at tweed or darker colours.

Well this suit is great for inside events, as well as those events where you need to stand out a little more. The blue is perfect for that, it will get just the right attention you need.

“Looking for your next suit? Well what about following my Next Fashion, get equipped, look great.”

man wearing suit model

Details about the suit

All the details about the suit worn in these pictures are below, if you need to know others comment below.

30R trousers.

40 Chest

11 shoes

15 1/2 Shirt.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to know about the suit then comment below or reach out to me on social media, I can answer all your ‘Next Fashion’ questions there! If you want to keep it private just DM me or send me an email instead. In addition, carry on the menswear reading, by have a look at some of my latest posts featured below.

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