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Nivea Deodorant – Deodorant that actually works…

Now I’ve done a few Mens perfume posts, but someone tweeted me  Saying, ‘What deodorant do you think the best one is on the market today’ Now over the years we all try different deodorants, we see one of a sale so we try that one, someone says you smell nice so you stick to that one, or you just find a favourite and stick to it.

For me though, I’ve tried loads, seeing which one I like more, but over the past few years, I’ve stuck to the same one over and over again. Which is Nivea Deodorant, its a deodorant that actually works. Some that are being sold in stores today smell great initially but then wear off so quickly… But its not just the smell and duration that ticks my boxes. When you are younger you just use whatever one your mum gives you, then throughout younger school years, but as you grow up you start wearing perfume as well as deodorant, and having two conflicting smells doesn’t always work. The smell can become over powering and then you aren’t any better than you were when you started the day.

Thats why I think Nivea Deodorant is the best, it works, smells great but not too over powering and then you can wear your perfume without having to many conflicting smells. Nivea Deodorant best mens deodorant best deodorant for men best smelling deodorant for men best smelling mens deodorant best mens deodorants best deodorant men mens best deodorant the best deodorant for men what is the best deodorant for men best deodorant mens best deodorant for men in india best rated deodorant for men best deodrant for men best deodorant soap for men best deodorants for mens