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North Sense – Feel like becoming a cyborg? Well, its now possible!

Well for many many years we have watched Sci-Fi movies, series and read books on the integration of technology with humans. We have seen concepts trying to be developed where technology would be integrated with your body to create better connection, longer life span and all the rest of futuristic concepts… However, a lot of this has just been theory… Well, that’s about to change with North Sense.

“The main aim of Cyborg Nest is to help as many people as possible to become cyborgs by extending their senses,” Liviu Babitz, Cyborg Nest’s CEO and founder, told Digital Trends. “North Sense is our first sense, with many more coming in the future. We think it’s something that should appeal to everyone on earth.”

north sense, north sense cyborg

The whole point of North Sense is to enhance your senses, this idea was actually coined in the 60s where the hippie generation believed in enhancing their senses by drugs but imagine the same concept with technology.

“Integration of technology and humans is being more of a reality everyday..”

We look at our memories a collection of thoughts and memories. They are incredibly precious to us, throughout our lives, smell, touch and sight can re live these memories. But imagine being able to enhance them… Well, that’s where north sense comes in.

north sense, north sense technology

“Technologically, North Sense is a very straightforward device,” he said. “There are no buttons or lights. Its complexity doesn’t come from the device itself, but rather what it does to your brain. Today our memories are built from the sum total of all our other senses: what you see, smell, hear or whatever else. Suddenly you’ll have a new layer to add to that reality and you’ll start remembering things based on your orientation with Earth. The really exciting part of this is going to come down to how people use this.”

“This is revolutionary but also scary, what does the future of technology hold for the human race?”

But this is just the beginning, Cyborg Nest said its just the beginning, they are apparently developing other aspects to their technology, concepts like, enhanced vision, enhanced sight… It seems that this is just the beginning of humans and tech fully integrated…

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