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Afternoon all,

I wanted to share with you how good nuts are for you, and their health benefits!


Out of all the nuts, Almonds contain the most fibre! A mighty amount of three grams per ounce! It is also the richest in vitamin E, people say that Almonds and others are great because they are high in fat, however, they are healthy fats. In addition they also help drop cholesterol. With safeguarding your gut they raise a good level of bacteria which help your immune system! I would rate them 9/10


Pecans are great artery defenders, they can health improve your heart! Pecans are also the highest in antioxidants out of all the nuts! They help prevent wall build up in your arteries! You can add pecans to just about anything which is really good, and they taste amazing! I would rate these 8/10

Brazil Nuts:

Brazil Nuts are great cancer protectors! These mighty nuts pack so many minerals that help prevent certain cancers which include; bone, prostate, and breast cancer. Just remember though, to many of those will harm you! Serving less is best! I would rate these 7.6/10


Walnuts are one of my favourites! They help protect your body from cellular damage! Walnuts also include a rich omega 3 fatty acids! Which help fight inflammation. Ive noticed that a handful of walnuts ties you over until your next meal! They are very filling which is great to keep you going. I would rate these 9/10


They are the skinniest nut, also my favourite of all time. There is one problem with pistachios though, once you start eating them you cannot stop! They are just too good! They help reduce the chances of lung cancer. In addition, they are high in antioxidants gamma-tocopherol, a form of cancer-fighting vitamin E. I eat a lot of these when I’m training, as they are a great muscle builder and keep you going! I would rate these 10/10


I dont personally eat Hazelnuts to often, only usually around christmas or if I’m wanting a small snack with my coffee, this doesn’t mean they aren’t great though! This tasty little nut is packed with monounsaturated fats, which help improve cardiovascular health and prevent type 2 diabetes! As well as helping you have healthier skin and reduce the risk of dementia. I would rate these 7.1/10


These nuts are particularly rich in Iron and Zinc, which is great for delivering oxygen all over your body which helps improve healthy vision, healthy sight and a healthy immune system! In addition to this, they provide a high level of magnesium which help improve memory. I would rate these 7.4/10

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and you try some of these nuts!

Have a nutty day everyone,