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NutSac Bag Review “Mens leather satchel”

A leather bag, not an accessory but a very important piece of clothing accessory all men need for on the go. Today I’m looking at the Mens leather Satchel from NutSac Bags! This company reached out to me to review and feature one of their satchels! 

Lets talk about NutSac Bags in a little detail! The company was founded by a couple of nuts 2009 in Corvallis Oregon, NutSac, LLC makes cool, well-designed, American-made bags.

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NutSac got it’s start designing and manufacturing bags for disc golf. “We’ve gained a reputation for producing high quality, American made bags and excellent customer support.” – NutSac.

Now, there are so many bags on the market, so many different shapes and sizes, so why does NutSac even make the cut? Well, let me explain! These are high-end leather bags that just won’t break! Designed for the ability to actually withstand wear and tear.

I bought a bag from another company a while back, looked great felt great but after one month of having it I already started to see the tear in the handle, the material got thinner and before I knew it, it was broken…. Not what you want from a high-end expensive bag! But, when I got given a Satchel from NutSac, I immediately saw the difference between cheap and expensive. Quality and Botched Material.

“Be a man, have a man bag!” – We have a lot of stuff to carry too! 

nutsac bag review, nut sac review, Nutsac bags

The Satchel was lightweight, a great material, perfectly balanced with loads of compartments for everything you need! The material used is genuine leather, so no need to wash it. Perfect for a guy on the go! The Satchel Pro incorporates design components from our other two satchels. It features a leather post and strap front closure in addition to magnets on either side of the front flap to keep the face flat and clean.

nutsac bag review, nut sac review, Nutsac bags

I took this bag on a few trips around and about to see the capabilities and user ability of the bag, it works so well, feels so light weight! Looks great with so many outfits!

“Quality bag, great price, what more could you ask for”

The only think I would change is the strap, I would prefer a leather strap, matching the bag instead of the black nylon strap! I just think in my personal opinion it would blend in more with the bag and work better! But, hey! Maybe, this is something they can look into in the future!

nutsac bag review, nut sac review, Nutsac bags

Overall, fantastic bag. Even better price and looks brilliant with so many outfits! If you’re interested in looking into these bags, follow the website! If you have any other questions, comment below and share your thoughts! Alternatively, reach out to me on your desired social media channel Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.