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NXT Beef Protein Review:

I’ve recently come across a new protein powder, by NXT Beef Protein, now I usually purchase whey protein!

There is no particular reason why, it’s just that I’ve preferred this kind, in addition I haven’t really come across Beef Protein in the past. Now before we really crack into this review, if you don’t already follow me on twitter @mrjamesvincent or you check out my fitness photos on Instagram @james.vincent 

Now this protein is definitely one that I recommend, the taste of the protein is right up there with one of my favourites. This beef protein is tropical flavour, a sweet fruity flavour which tastes great and goes down so well. Now it’s the standard amount of protein per scoop. With having 25g of protein per scoop its the perfect amount.

The only thing that doesn’t really go down well in my books is the blending if the protein, mixing this protein with either water or milk doesn’t mix that well, it creates these small lumps for some reason, even with a protein mixer like vortex which provides a blender with it….

I do mix the protein with creatine and oats, which may have something to do with the mixing of the protein, however even with the protein on its on it still creates this slim residue at the top. To be honest though, if you’re working out you’re not really bothered about a couple of clumps at the top of your drink.

However, even though the mixing isn’t the greatest, it’s the best protein I’ve had for a ‘pump on’ it provided me with the biggest workout i’ve ever had. It also gave me a great source of energy!

So if you’re interested in this protein, check them out at NXT Beef Protein, I hope you enjoyed this NXT Beef protein review and you go check them out.