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One Prince Charming | Women Advice:

Okay, the prince charming story is a bit far fetched, unless you’re to the whole horse and carriage stuff with a double does of magic. Yeah, girls grew up on the stuff, It’s like morphine! Throughout the years women were pumped with the idea that prince charming is real, but is it?

Now, let me lay a bitch slap of truth for you ladies out there. What you think of prince charming doesn’t exist… We don’t have a glass slipper and I’m no way going to climb up your hair to get you… However! Prince charming does exist in a different way! A modern prince charming, which is clean shaven and drives a nice car, has goals and ambition. Yeah, that’s more like it.

So why am I talking about this? Well, recently I’ve seen women settle. Now I’m not meaning settling down, that’s a whole different thing, I’m meaning settle for whatever is available. I see women all the time settle for a guy that is “Okay” Now I’m not meaning looks, that doesn’t always play a huge part in it.

I’m meaning, the guy is alright…. He cares from me when he likes, he’s okay in bed and he will be good enough for my parents.. What? When did this happen that women started to settle. When did women think yeah he’s near me, he’s okay so he will do!

I’m going to give you advice. Don’t settle for less, don’t waste your time on the average, the pathetic and the boring. There are still prince charming’s out there, yeah there’s a few less than there used to be. But beneath the hairy bollocks and the ungroomed and cocky lye a different kind of man. A man who you deserve. So, keep looking. 

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