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Original Penguin Review | Outfit Of The Week

Let’s talk about the outfit of the week! This week we are looking a great brand offering a massive range of clothing that looks fantastic and incredibly affordable. Are you ready for the Original Penguin review? Let’s begin!

James Vincent

I was out today at Titterstone, which is on Clee Hill. I was exploring an abandoned quarry, it was very cold, but there were spots of sunshine!  I decided the perfect outfit for a quick adventure was Original Penguin’s latest line!

This outfit is effortless to put together but looks fantastic! The skinny fit jeans are from River Island marrying this with their two-tone blue and grey gilet with a splattered paint lining just l00ks fantastic. This coloured block vest is lightweight but so warm, it worked wonders!

The sweater worn in this outfit is a Wool Alpaca Fisherman one. A great heavy duty sweater that will keep you warm during these colder seasons. Now I advise a t-shirt underneath, just so it’s not itchy! This is the perfect winter jumper, and it comes in dark sapphire as well!

To tie this whole outfit together, I advise the Nathan high leather boots. These two-tone leather shoes will make you stand out! What I love about these shoes is the detail from the red lining and the different coloured heels, they just make them look so much more sophisticated.

Original Penguin Review Original Penguin Review Original Penguin clothes Original Penguin Brand

(If you want to know any of the sizes just message me or comment below)

What did you think of this Original Penguin Review? Does this make the outfit of the week? I have to say its one of my most favourites outfits I have featured so far! Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media. If you did like this post, make sure you check out this post.


Original Penguin Review | Outfit Of The Week
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