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The Art Of Peacocking | “Oh he’s so peacocking, fair play he’s doing it well.”

Peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like Peacock’s use their feathers to get a mate. So what does that really mean? Well basically if you ever hear a guy or girl say “He’s so peacocking” It means he’s wearing bright flamboyant clothing to attract the opposite sex. But does it work?Now this method of “Getting girls” has been around for ages, we’ve seen it through history, especially the Victorian era, wearing brightly coloured clothes to attract the opposite sex. But throughout history it did die off a little but then came back around the new wave era. But it 2016 its making a come back and its working….

Guys will wear brightly coloured shirts, jeans, ties and hats to stand out more, this method of attracting girls is also used when the male isn’t as good looking, this way he stands out from the crowd and gains attention, even if its not positive. You’ve probably seen it before, walking through town, inside a club or just on a night out. You see a guy wearing clothes that are a little bit more… out there. You turn your head, and you’re either like “Oh my god… What is he wearing?” or “Damn, that guy looks cool” But there’s the 50/50 chance. Now if you work out the odds. if there are 100 girls in the club, 50 notice him. 25 like his look, 10 approach him… 5 keep talking… See how his odds aren’t that bad? Just from wearing brightly coloured clothes?

peacocking girls

But… There is a problem. This can go flipside if you aren’t careful. The problem is, you can look too out there, then you give of the vibe that you may be interested in the same sex… Not women. Now you’re fucked. Its backfired before you even took a shot.

So how do you get around this? Well, I can help you. Balance. Wearing something normal, but also something out there. So look at my header image, the shirt is out there… The jeans and shoes aren’t. Thus creating an attraction but no so much that you look odd, just unique with the “I don’t give a fuck attitude.”

Peacocking girls, peacocking

Now, this may work for you this may not. But what have you got to loose? Try it. And if it works, tell me on social media. If you have any other questions, comment below!

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