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Personal Barber Review

Good evening everyone,

I hope you are all having a good day!

I wanted to share with you ‘The best shave I’ve ever had’ The other day I had received a subscription box from ‘The Personal Barber’

They are a subscription service that provide the finest shaving gear straight to your door!

Now sometimes shaving can be a pain, sometimes you can feel like its a bit of a chore to do. However, The personal barber make it enjoyable, with the old school equipment it becomes more of an art than just grabbing the nearest double bladed razor to quickly make yourself presentable before heading off to work.

Each subscription box comes with some great products which include; A double edged safety razor, blades, brush, shaving soap and step by step instructions so you don’t have to worry about anything. They have it all covered.

All the equipment is beginner friendly, sometimes this sort of stuff can’t be daunting making the user like myself stick to what everyone else is using or what every knows. But what’s great about ‘The Personal Barber’ is that they provide instructions on how to do it properly.

Now I’m used to using an electric shaver, I’ve used one for years so this was a bit of a challenge at first, instead of just grabbing the electric shaver and being quite heavy handed, this required preparation, patience and time. But, once I got the hang of it, it was easy.

You have to be gentle to your skin. For a quality shave with high end results it does require a bit more effort, but the results outweigh the time any day of the week.

I wanted to quickly go into detail about the products themselves;

The Safety razor; Is easy to change, simply turn the top of the razor and the blade then becomes loose, it takes seconds to change the blade and clean it. Its not heavy at all, lightweight, durable and very long lasting.

The blazes; Are extremely sharp so when switching over the blade do be careful, they come in nifty boxes, protected and sealed so you don’t have to worry about bacteria.

The Synthetic hair shaving brush; Looks great, feels great on your skin, so easy to clean and in addition it isn’t animal hair so its ten times longer lasting and it won’t become mouldy over time.

Overall easy to use products, fantastic results and definitely worth having a go at. Its changed me from using an electric shaver, back to the old school methods, so much more fun and 10 times better results

This have definitely been the most enjoyable shave I’ve ever had!

Its old school, with a modern twist!

Shaving should be enjoyable not a chore, make it fun again with ‘The Personal Barber’,

Hope you check these guys out and go order their fantastic shaving products today!