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My-Picture.co.uk Review | The Perfect Christmas Present

Good morning you lovely people, It’s the start of a brand new week, I’m feeling productive, a piping hot cup of coffee and I’m ready to go. Today I’m talking about a lovely early Christmas present I got off My Picture, a canvas printing company which produce your lovely photos to your front door. So let’s talk about My-Picture.co.uk and tell you what I think! 

my picture canvas printing

Let me tell you a bit about My Picture! You can take your own amazing photography and create your personal unique living space, or you can make someone’s Christmas perfect with a great piece of art on canvas! But let’s be honest, no matter what the occasion, birthdays, weddings, a company photo or even your pets birthday My Picture have you covered!

my picture personalised photos

“A unique present at a fantastic price”

Once my picture was ordered it arrived in no time, right to the front door, packaged protected and ready for me to open. The picture looked amazing, the frame is thick and well designed, the canvas print looked amazing and the colours came out fantastic. It really was perfect.

my picture

You’re probably wondering though, why did I print a picture of myself? Well, there is a good reason, you see pictures are memories, I take so many photos all the time and some I don’t ever want to lose.

“A photo speaks a thousand words, so why not print it”

There is this oil painting in my loft of my great grand-dad with the date written on the back I thought, what a cool thing this would be for myself when I’m older. To look back and be like this is what I looked like at 24 and this is what I was doing. Pictures are memories they speak a thousand words, so don’t lose them, print them with My-Picture.co.uk

What did you think of My Picture Review, I have to say I think this is the perfect Christmas present! But what do you think? Is this something you would consider as a gift? If so I have you covered, use the code JAMESVINCENT for a massive discount on your order.

Using this code: JAMESVINCENT  will be able to personalize their own 60×40 cm (retail price 49.90 GBP) and/or 75×50 cm (retail price 59.90 GBP) and/or 80×60 cm (retail price 69.90 GBP) format canvas print for only 20 GBP.

To get one or more of these three, large format canvas prints for only 20 GBP each, they simply need to go to their website www.My-Picture.co.uk, upload their required image, select one of these formats and then enter the name JAMESVINCENT  in the coupon code section (shopping cart) and then the discount will apply. The promotion code JAMESVINCENT  is already activated and will be valid until 10.01.2018.

my picture review

If you want to know more about them or the whole selection of products they offer from personalised cushions, printed pictures to even mugs and mats, head over to their website My-Picture.co.ukOr you can head over to their social media channels!

Have a lovely day!

My-Picture.co.uk Review | The Perfect Christmas Present
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