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Pokedrone Lets You Catch Pokemon In Remote Places With Ease!

With the release of the new Pokemon Go game we have seen people go to all extremes to catch pokemon, from climbing up buildings to getting into helicopters… The world has gone pokemon mad! But, what if I was to tell you, I can make catching pokemon 10 times easier? Well, I can! With the Pokedrone! 

Pokedrone was an idea developed by someone that was struggling to catch remote pokemon. Basically you implement a small drone to the app game, controlled by a dock flying station, easily portable and lightweight. This lets you fly over large areas in a small time trying to catch pokemon without wasting any precious time! Great right?

Want to see the Pokedrone in action? Watch the video below! Gotta catch ‘em all, but what if you just can’t catch ‘em all?Pokemon appear everywhere. Above the water, in the middle of the highway, but disappointment takes over the excitement when Pokémons show up at unreachable places. Well with the pokedrone you just won’t have those problems anymore!

Well there you have it, the drone to catch all the unreachable pokemon! Are you going to buy one?

What did you think of the pokedrone? Will it make catching pokemon easier? Or do you have your own methods for catching them? Make sure you share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or just comment below!

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