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Pokemon Go UK Launch, What Team Are You Joining?

Good morning everyone, today I thought I would talk about the latest app to release onto the market, the app is revolutionising the Pokemon industry. The app is already been used worldwide, with a many people on Twitter using the social media app to the same users on the Pokemon Go UK game.
Now, naturally with any new game releasing worldwide there are going to be problems. more problems than people think. For example, with the app allowing you to use augmented reality to spot pokemon. They starting to pop up in places where they shouldn’t be.
There is a “Gas Pokemon” which you can probably remember, wheeze. This pokemon was spotted in the Anne Frank museum… Now, this isn’t exactly appropriate. So certain places have requested they be taken off the list. As well as some museums, due to kids walking around with the head in their phones walking into antiques… Not clever.
However, even with the little problems the game has proven to be a worldwide popular game, being used in just about every company! Including the launch of the UK on 11th July.
Now, the game has boosted Nitendos share price literally overnight. This game will set the bench mark of what the game industry has to offer! Now, if you have just started the game, and you want to know what team to join, follow this QUIZ! 
Have a great day, if you you have any other questions about Pokemon Go Uk , comment below and I will answer your queries of you can reach out to me on Facebook/Twitter.