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Portable Wireless Speaker Review “Mini Speakers You Need”

Good morning everyone! Now, a couple weeks back I was approached to do a review on some mini portable wireless speakers! Of course I wasn’t going to say no! But, slightly skeptical though, they said the sound was clear, loud and the battery could last a long time! So of course I wanted to put it to the test! Right let’s begin; 

When I was growing up, there was a piece of tech that trended like mad, the backpack speakers, this gadget was used everywhere, we would go out and we could play music anywhere! But the problem was the back pack was so bulky, the battery didn’t last long and it was more of a nuisance that an accessory that was really needed! But we have moved on!  Speakers have evolved changed and developed into better accessories and gadgets that are actually worthwhile to have!

CinDier Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: 

The portable speaker arrived in such a short amount of time, once agreed with everything it was only a couple days before it was in my hands. Small and compact, the speaker is light compared to what I initially thought it was going to be. From the minute I first opened the box, I was impressed with this speaker. As I learned about all of the features it offers, which are many, I was more and more impressed. I have shown it off to many of my friends, and they have been just as impressed as I. If there were ever an inexpensive, portable Bluetooth speaker that I would recommend, it is this one.

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Wireless Speaker Review: First Impressions + Features:

The portable wireless speaker has a lot more features you you initially think. You think, okay, its compact, small and light weight.. Ish. There are so many more features, this speaker can do so much! These are;

1) Bluetooth mode: By switching the power switch to the Bluetooth symbol, the speaker will turn on with Bluetooth enabled. This allows you to connect to the speaker via Bluetooth 3.0. What makes it over impressive in the range that it can produce, usually these wireless speakers are limited to a few metres, well I didn’t have that problem here!

2) Aux-In mode: The speaker will automatically detect when you have connected an auxiliary cable. Meaning, plug in your iPhone, laptop or even your android and be ready to play your tunes.

3) PC mode: If you connect the portable wireless speaker to your PC via the miniUSB port, the speaker will automatically switch to PC mode (voice confirmation will play). What’s even better is, no battery is required, the USB will charge it for you.

4) TF (MicroSD) card mode: When you insert a microSD card into the speaker, it will automatically switch to TF (MicroSD) card mode (voice confirmation will play). This mode can play mp3 and mp4 files directly from the microSD card.

portable wireless speaker review, wireless speaker, blogger tech review

Overall I was overly impressed by the speakers, definitely a purchase worth making! If you’re interested in knowing more about the portable wireless speakers, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent, or reach out to me on Facebook!  and I will answer any more questions you have about my wireless speaker review!

Have a good afternoon!