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To Be Productive You Must… Sleep. Yes You Read That Right, Let Me Explain!

Good evening you lovely people! Today I wanted to talk about the art of sleeping, to stay productive. Okay, we like to think of ourselves as these machines, working everyday to produce results in whatever industry we are in. Either keeping our own businesses going or meeting targets at work or just keeping that mind clear and active. While this is all true, and even myself I do feel like a machine some days, being non stop and always going forward. Sometimes we do need to stop and change the oil if you know what I mean. Let’s talk about balancing sleep with work.

I know people that work damn hard, day in day out and thats fantastic! Because without hard work you my friend aren’t going to create any results… Or you are.. but bad ones. However, working day in day out with little sleep can also effect you in the long run. Yes, that’s right you become what I call a fast burner. Someone who works so hard they eventually burn out.

You don’t believe me? I’ve seen it first hand. My friend would work day in day out and this was great, he was a motivated. But he would do it with three hours sleep, now for a while he could do it. Three/four hours sleep and then crack on the next day. But as time went on, the sleep would stay the same and the body would start to shut down, he would go into these 24 hour sleep times, his whole sleep pattern was gone.

This then resulted in his productivity being all over the place, then resulting in the one thing you don’t want.. He crashed. That’s right, he couldn’t keep it up and then the productivity vanished.

while sometimes we all have to pull all-nighters every now and again, make sure you are sensible to make that sleep up to keep productivity high and keeping yourself productive for any challenge that comes your way.

Balance is key.

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