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Protein Truffles | The Protein Works:

Good afternoon¬†everyone, I’m going to talk about a new product I recently received! Which is, protein truffles, from the protein works! Now, I’ve already spoken about them before, featuring their high end whey protein to their flapjacks.¬†

Today though, I’m featuring on their delicious products from their bakery section, which is their protein truffles! Sometimes when you are working out, or on diets or just trying to be healthier the idea of not eating anything unhealthy can be scary… Or even just boring… Having the idea of not having anything a bit naughty can make you go a little crazy! That’s why the concept of having a cheat meal, or cheat day is so popular!

This way you can eat something that your body will actually enjoy and keep healthy without loosing your mind! These ones come in a container or 7-11 so they can be hidden away in the cupboard until they are really needed! In addition, each one holds 11 grams of protein! Isn’t that great!

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Have a great afternoon,