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The Protein Works Bakery | Flapjacks

Good evening you lot, I hope you all had a great Monday and you are ready for the rest of the week! Well this evening, I’m having a little chat about protein flapjacks, but not just any protein flapjacks, these specific ones are from The Protein Works Bakery! 

Now, when you are working out and going to the gym, its inevitable to take protein powder, you need to energy to keep you going to work harder and better yourself when working out, but when adapting that healthy lifestyle it can be hard sometimes to keep healthy and eat clean! Sometimes you feel like you need something a bit… naughty. Something that you could class as a cheat meal! But going down that route can become a slippery slope, that’s where you need a product from The Protein Works Bakery, you have something like a truffle, flapjack, brownie… but they are actually healthy! Loaded with protein and energy to keep you going through those times when you feel like you something sweet haha!

These flapjacks are loaded with all the nutrients you need to keep you going when you are working out, doing heavy fitness or just need something besides lettuce and turkey mince! Go check out their full bakery you will be surprised at the amazing selection they have!

Have a great evening,