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The Protein Works Review:

Protein! now years back, everyone saw protein as something the was so niche to bodybuilders or extreme athletes. Then the time passed and we saw more and more companies pop up selling protein, but now the market so saturated, so the question is what is good protein and what isn’t? Well that’s what I’m here to do, segregate the good from the bad. 

A couple weeks back I teamed up with Protein Works, to review and test our the best selling Whey Protein. Now yeah, protein comes in all shapes and sizes and I’ve tried them all. Now, a couple years ago it was all about having the most amount of protein in the smallest bag possible. Knowing you were getting a return on the money you were spending. But as the years went on protein changed and so did the outcomes of what we want from protein.

Nowadays, we don’t just want high level of protein but we want all the extras. For example, I need energy. I want, to be able to go to the gym, have high levels of protein in my shake but also know that its packed with the energy I need to work hard and create great results.

What’s great about The Protein Works is its packed with high levels of protein, full of nutrients and everything you need to get your muscles growing but actually provides you with energy it gives you that boost you need to get into beast mode!

If you are looking for great protein that actually works. Then head over to the protein works!

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Final notes:

  • Don’t need to over-scoop one scoop is plenty
  • Blends extremely well
  • Taste is good, not to strong.

If you have any other questions about my Protein works review, or you have any other questions, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent 

Have a great afternoon,