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Now I’ve done a post on Quemondo Hoodie post before, you can check it out here. But that was their sports hoodie, I’m now having a look at their Fashion Hoodie. Their last hoodie they had sent me was very comfy, great for sportswear. So when I saw they have now had some new fashion hoodies I just had to check it out.

Now I could talk for a long time about their material, the shape of their hoodies, and how they were designed. But, I’m just going to be blunt… This is the comfiest hoodie I’ve ever owned, now I’ve had a range of hoodies, they are great for all seasons, all occasions but after a few washes, they loose their shape, colour and comfyness! Not with Quemondo, whatever they are doing to their hoodie they need to keep doing!

I really like the moss green colour, it marries the black very well and goes with a range of outfits. These guys are not someone I would overlook. If you are looking for a new hoodie, but don’t know where to go.. Get yourself onto Quemondo ASAP.


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