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Quitting Your Job In Style, Follow My Steps

Well, it’s 2017, it’s already March you are now settled back into the work mode after Christmas, new years and all the parties you have had in between. But now you are back to work, those things you had forgotten about your job are creeping back into your mind, and you’re thinking maybe its time for a change. That’s not a bad thing, change is good, a new career path with new people! Well, I have put some tips together for leaving your job in style, the right way, let’s begin your steps to the grand exit.

1. Keep your boss in the loop

This is one of the most important steps you should keep in your mind. Okay, so you have finally made your decision to pack your bag and move onto bigger and better things, good you are halfways there. However, with this decision, you are going to want to tell people, it’s tempting I know. It’s big gossip and all you want to do right know are tell your work buddies, I get that! But, unfortunately, word travels fast, and I don’t think your superiors would be impressed finding out from peers before you tell them personally, by keeping it quiet and following the right agenda you give a sense of maturity and respect your authority.

2. Make a plan

You are an adult, which means you don’t have a helping hand here. You have made the grown up decision to leave your job; now it’s your turn in making a plan. You need to make sure that by the time you leave the new person has been trained, you have cleared that mysterious work you forgot to do off your desk, don’t leave any booby traps for the next person to deal with. Now you have nailed the internal plans, make sure you know exactly what you are going to do the job and have a bullet proof plan.

3. Nail the exit interview

As the old sayings go, honesty is the best policy. You’re leaving the workplace, that means you shouldn’t be afraid to air any problems that you have had throughout your job. Now I’m not saying, walk in guns blazing and tell them every problem you have ever had, just make sure that the next person that takes your role doesn’t experience those problems. Just be sure to give your feedback in a pleasant, approachable manner. Petulancy or aggression never helps to get a man’s point across.

4. Don’t start slacking

Leaving your job can sometimes turn on a certain reckless, carefree attitude. You may find yourself getting to work with a job on your desk and think to yourself, why should I put in 100% I’m not going to be here next month, I don’t answer to these people, why bother. Stop right there; Okay, yes you are leaving, but that doesn’t mean the next person has to deal with all your shit. It also shows your line managers etc. how irresponsible you can be. Make sure you work hard, right to the bitter end. This way they will remember you for the hard work individual, not the slacker.

5. Stay civil

Most importantly, remain from bad-mouthing, bashing the company or your colleagues. It’s a small world and it’s possible you will know someone of someone and word will travel. Also, you don’t know what will happen later in life; you could cross paths.

What did you think of the job quitting steps? Are you ready to leave yours now? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on social media or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media.

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