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Some of the top Entrepreneurs in today world all started somewhere, usually at the bottom. Check out some of the top stories on some individuals thats started with just about nothing and now are worth millions! ( IN THE UK) Here is just a little of 10 that I know, there are probably many others, if you know some great ones, comment below and I will tag them in.

1. Sir Philip Green, Arcadia, worth £3.88bn 

Started with: £20,000 

After leaving school at just 15, Sir Phillip Green decided to kick of his retail career. He started by importing jeans that were manufactured in the far east, then selling them into stores in London. Sir Phillip Green then took over the arcadia Group, then more and more highstreet brands.

2. Mike Ashley, Sports Direct, worth £3.75bn 

Started with: £10,000 

This young entrepreneur left school at just 16, with going back and forth in a few jobs, he eventually opened up his irst Sport & Ski shop in Maidenhead. After that is a one way trip to signing with sports direct.

3. Sir Richard Branson, Virgin, worth £3.6bn 

Started with: £300 

Now we all know the story of  Sir Richard Branson, he started at just 16, making his own magazine. Then in the 1970’s having his own record store, then onward ands upwards into many other fields, with now in 2015 working on space tourism!


4. John Caudwell, Phones 4U, worth £1.5bn 

Started with: less than £25,000 (not specified) 

In 1987, John realised that phones would be the next breakthrough in technology. Starting in the midlands, he built the empire that was phones 4u then in 2006 selling that for 1 billion pounds!

5. Charles Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse, worth £1.49bn 

Started with: £6,000 

Here is another phone story, Charles Dunstone, starting selling mobile phones out of his flat, then at time went on Carphone Warehouse was born, now its Europe’s largest mobile phone retailer.

6. Sir Anwar Pervez and family, Bestway Group, worth £1.31bn 

Started with: £2,200 

Sir Anwar Pervez was Born in Pakistan, Pervez moved to the UK at just the age of 21 and later opened his first convenience store, which developed into Bestway Group.


7. Bernard Lewis and family, River Island, worth £1.25bn 

Started with: less than £25,000 (not specified) 

Bernard Lewis, first opening his shop at just the age of 20, selling fruit and veg in north London. Taking a different approach to life, he decided to join the retail industry. In 1948, launching River Island.

8. Lord Ashcroft, worth £1.2bn 

Started with: £15,000

Lord Ashcroft, is someone that made their fortune, by building and selling companies, including home security giant ADT, which he sold in 1997. He is thought to have pocketed £500m from the sale.

9. Richard Desmond, worth £1.2bn 

Started with: less than £25,000 (not specified) 

A true media entrepreneur Richard Desmond, made his fortune through big newspapers and magazines. including  Express Newspapers and various celebrity magazines, including OK! and New!

10. Lord Graham Kirkham and family, DFS, worth £1.15bn 

Started with: less than £25,000 (not specified) 

Lord  Graham Kirkham and family made their fortune in the furniture market. Having their company DFS for over 41 years. He actually entered the billionaire league in 2010 when the company was sold what an absolutely fantastic Entrepreneur.


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