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Morning everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Ralph Lauren Safari Eau De Toilette!

Safari by Ralph Lauren was actually produced in 1997, however I had never heard of it… It was only the other day when my brother received it as a present! I have to say its a great Eau De Toilette! The bottle hasn’t changed at all since it started. It classy and unique.

The Top notes are aldehydes, artemisia, coriander, lavender, green notes, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are cyclamen, carnation, cinnamon, tarragon, jasmine and rose; base notes are leather, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss and cedar. Just remember you dont need a lot of this as its a very strong scent.

There have been mixed reviews about this product because some people have said that the smell doesn’t last as long as it used it… However, I have to disagree, I sprayed this on myself yesterday and it has lasted the whole day! Its still the same as the original product!

You can buy it from a range of places but I have to say the perfume shop was the cheapest! Click here to buy.

I hope you try it out and you like it!