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Rathbone Hotel Review

Good morning you lovely people, as I write this I’m sitting in the lobby of the Rathbone Hotel, a SOHO based hotel, I’m here today to give you my official review on it, shall we begin the Rathbone Hotel Review.

Rathbone Hotel Review | London Hotel, Good Price.

Yesterday I was attending an event which unfortunately only finished at the early parts of Sunday morning.

I arrived at the hotel early Saturday afternoon. This hotel had a warm welcoming, open reception area and lovely staff. I was welcomed into the hotel with open arms; friendly staff were an excellent addition to getting my settled in.

Rathbone hotel

The design and architecture of the lobby, bar and meeting areas were a little older than I expected, a sort of traditional theme injected with some modern architecture where needed.

Before I knew it, I was finished in reception and ready to make my way upstairs into my room.

The lift and landing areas did have a slightly unusual smell, like the carpet needed to clean but maybe that was just me being particular.

Rathbone hotel room

The room itself was okay. Yes I know that’s quite blunt but what you saw is what you got. The furniture was a little dated, with design and room needing a refresh. However, the bed itself was incredibly comfy, so it does get points there.

After getting back from the event, I was in bed watching a snippet of television to get my mind relaxed only to hear what sounded like the barrels of beer rolling down the street… in addition to bins being moved and changed.

After that I did, however, sleep very well, waking up rested and ready to go I head to the shower to wake myself up, the water pressure was great, but it did take a while for it to heat up.

Rathbone london hotel room

After changing, getting ready I was out of the door by 11 am. My overall experience was okay, the price you pay though in city centre London was great. At only £89 a night I thought this was very fair for the price you paid.

I would stay at the Rathbone Hotel again as its location is great, but if I had to go change a couple of things, I would look at refreshing the rooms slightly.

Overall 3.8 stars, I hope you enjoyed my Rathbone Hotel Review.

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Rathbone Hotel Review | London Hotel, Good Price.
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