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Raw Spice Review | The Monthly Spice Box. The Perfect Gift For All You Foodie Lovers.

Raw spice, a spice subscription service. Offering packets of spices to mix up your meal, to get you to try new food, new spices and new meals. What’s great about this is that it forces you to try new combinations. You see, naturally when we cook we do go back to what we know. What we are used to cooking and what we like to cook! Let’s begin this raw spice review;

Raw spice monthly subscription service, a better way to cook.

The problem with doing that day in day out, is that the meals can get boring and we don’t even realise it. Now, raw spice offer so many combinations. Which is literally great! What’s even better is that they offer recipe cards  with the spice mixes, that way you try new meals, new food with new flavours. What more could you ask for?

Then every month they send you new ones, so last night I put it all to the test. I started making a chicken stir-fry with chicken schnitzel. The perfect combo! If you are looking for new spices, new meal ideas and the knowledge to impress your friends with new meals ideas, then Raw Spice is where you need to go.

Great tasting spices, even better prices.

What did you think of thaw raw spice review? Is this a subscription service you may be interested in? If you want to mix up your spice combinations then I would definitely recommend it. If you have any questions, comment below or reach out to me on social media, I’m on just about all of them, but I would prefer the following three Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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