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 Being Happy | Reasons To Smile.

Good morning all you lovely people, not don’t get me wrong, sometimes we don’t feel like smiling, either someone is annoying you, or you are just having a crappy day, it happens. But, by smiling more it actually helps you! Mentally and Physically, so This morning I’m going through some great reasons why you should smile more. 

Smiling actually makes you healthier: 

Thats right, smiling actually makes your body healthier, it releases that feel good chemical into your body. Remember that mind-body connection we were just talking about? Well, it turns out that the simple act of smiling sends a message to your brain that you’re happy. So even if you’re not happy, try and smile, because it can trick your brain into thinking you are.

It makes other feel good:

Ever walked through town, or a mall or even at school and seen everyone with these unhappy faces, walking around thinking about life? Well if everyone looks unhappy, your body will naturally adopt this as well… So smile, it will make others feel better.

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It makes you more attractive:

Yes, that’s right! By smiling more it can actually make you more attractive, you seem more confident and you stand out more. Now do not walk around with this five mile smile… you will creep people out, but maybe if someone looks at you, just give them a little smile, if anything its polite as well.

A sense of confidence: 

Now, I’ve spoken about confidence a fair few times. but by smiling it actually makes you seem more confident, for example if you were about to go for an interview, when you are talking to the person, smile a bit, it makes you and them seem more relaxed.

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It makes you feel good:

At the end of the day though, smiling should make you feel good, as well as others. So smile more, be happy and have a great day.

If you have any other questions about being happy, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent