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Red Flags In A New Relationship:

Well with all these ‘Love’ related articles I thought I would do another one about red flags in a new relationship! Now most of us have been there, we start out a new relationship with someone and we start to notice things…Things any sane person would go, ‘forget this. But we push it under the rug because we are usually head over heals for the other person.

So today I’m going to help you out, these are some big red flags i’ve picked up over the years! These are tips to make sure you don’t get to deep in a relationship and it all starts to crumble before you.

The Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 

Now this is a big one, actually the biggest red flag you are ever going to come across. If they have just got out of a relationship for however long, don’t be their re-bound. Yeah they may say they aren’t looking for a rebound and they are already over their ex but in reality they are thinking about them… a lot. I noticed with mine that even though she said “I’m totally over him, he was still lurking in the shadows” < Figure of speech. But I do know they were still talking. So make sure you aren’t the rebound or a substitute, if you get that feeling scrap it.

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If you ever start dropping hints of getting more serious and you feel they aren’t interested at all. Or you want them to meet the parents or spend more time with you are they are more interested in doing their own thing, this is a huge red flag that they aren’t committed as much as you are. You can test thing by asking ‘Serious Questions’ and see how they react.

Work is 24/7:

If you feel that she isn’t balancing love life and work fairly then they may not be committed for relationship. You can test them by telling them to maybe take a day off work or even just not doing work on the evenings and spending some quality time with you. See if they stop the work and focus on you, the last thing you really want is a workaholic.

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Selfish or Secret:

If the person you have started to date is very secret or selfish in ways like not caring for you as much as they should or not helping you out when the opportunity arises then you can clearly notice that the person you have started going out with isn’t as committed as you are.

The Broken Wing: 

This is a big one, I’ve noticed this with a couple of mine. I call it the broken wing, they either don’t know what they want, or they have just got out of a relationship and have no idea what they want now. Either they want a rebound, still in love with the Ex or don’t want a relationship at all. They starting hinting at uncertainty. That’s when you know they aren’t in this for the long run.

These are just some of the red flags I’ve picked up, if you have picked up any, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent