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Relationship Advice: Refusing To Meet Up? Here’s What You Do… You Best Read This!

Right, you’re reading this post because, you want to meet up with them and they aren’t budging… You’re stuck in quick sand and you’re sinking fast… Let’s grab the rope. Okay let me give you some relationship advice you need, the relationship advice you need to hear, let’s crack on.This post applies to both sexes, don’t just think girls do this. Us guys are just as bad, but the question is why? Well, let’s put this into a scenario, let’s paint that picture you are dying to see. So you’ve been talking to them, you wake up, text them, come home from work, text them. It’s all going well, you can see this going somewhere. Then you drop the question… “Want to meet up?” – The reply then gets a little slower the usual, she/ he replies with “Ahh I would, but I’m so busy? Let’s meet up soon though!” Okay, there’s your first caution. She/he’s said no. But… they may actually be telling the truth… So time goes on, you text them a little more, maybe you’re throwing in a couple kisses, you feel good, yeah? Then you drop the question again… “Hey want to meet this weekend?”… “Ah I would, but ive got this thing going on”  – RIGHT. STOP. – Let’s back track what just happened there. They’ve said no twice. – Well that’s just a pain in your ass. What do you do? Two choices;

A) Graft a little more, text a little more and see how it goes, maybe keep being nice and throwing in the odd compliment and hey while you’re at it, mail them presents… Shit, why don’t you paint them a picture?

B) Stop texting. It’s not what you want to hear, but let’s be honest here. If they aren’t even texting you with alternative dates, they aren’t interested. which is wasting your time. Some people just like texting other people for the attention. Well, fuck that.

If they aren’t budging, move on. Stop texting them and find someone new. There are literally billions of people on this earth, don’t waste your time with the one that doesn’t want to see you. In addition, by not texting them you now have the upper hand. They could turn around and be like “Hey why did you stop texting me?” And you can be blunt “Well, I wanted to meet you, you didn’t seem interested. So I stopped.”  Easy as that my friends. They can then make an effort to see you or make up some bullshit excuse again.

Well there you go then. It’s easy as that.

If you have any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on social media. If you want to carry on the reading, have a little look at the one below.

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