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How to piss of a girl – Relationship Advice

This post is how not to piss off your girl, from a guys perspective. Now gents I’m going to cut you a bit of slack, sometimes we make mistakes. Mistakes we didn’t really mean to. This wasn’t out fault, but it happened anyway, ┬áso follow my advice, in making sure you don’t make these mistakes, you keep your girl happy and world war three is kept at bay.

1. Greeting your women with, “Hey you look really tired” – No. WRONG move, you didn’t think then did you? By saying that you basically said, “Man, you look like crap!” Instead hint at maybe getting an early night, or twist it round “I’m so tired, how are you feeling”

2. Telling her to “Calm Down” Now that wasn’t exactly clever was it… By saying calm down its basically implying that she is wrong, she needs to pipe down. Yeah, rookie mistake my friend.

3. Answering with “Yeah Fine” Mate, she didn’t go out with you so she could talk to a brick wall, SIRI does a better job than you, be bold, and just say it how it is.

4. Asking if she really “Needs” Dessert, with the judging eye look. Okay, you might as well have just poked the lion. If she wants dessert she’s getting dessert. Don’t ever bring weight up. BAD MOVE.

5. Saying “Ah its that time of the month yeah?” WOW, that was stupid? Don’t bring that up.

6. “Lets hang out sometime” – When a guy says that its so bloody vague, yah mate, when you want to hang out? Tomorrow, next week! Be a confident guy and tell her when and where.

Those are just six things that can piss girls off, for your own safety, do not test them.

If you have any other relationship advice, want to know more questions or are now incredibly worried you are doing something wrong, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent