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A while back I wrote an article called ‘Putting all your eggs in one basket’ Talking about how you should put all your effort in one field then, managing that investment with all the care you have. Well let me update this statement. Yes of course you should be managing the risk management process, making sure you put all your effort into a specific field and managing it, however, the more I have worked in different fields, I would say you need to that exact statement, but in more areas. Think about balancing disks. If you have one disk, you have shaped that disk to perfection worked really hard and then spun that disk and its working, its stable and going well… But then it falls, the disk breaks now you have no disk, you have to rebuild it from the beginning, what you should be doing is balancing more than one disk, so if one falls you have another to fall back on, Look at Richard Branston. A leading entrepreneur, but not just in one field. He makes sure that if one business fails, another will succeed, look at his space tourism. When their rocket exploded, they took a big downfall, shares dropped, public appearance damaged. But he had so many other businesses supporting him. So even though he took a step back, he was still moving forward. So my advice is if the opportunity arises and you have the chance to move into more than one field, take it. Balance it,┬ámanage the risk management process and move forward

The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

-Mark Zuckerberg