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Being A Risk Taker, But With A Plan Of Action!

So what does that mean? Being a risk taker, well in a nut shell it’s someone that takes risks… Doesn’t have a plan and just rolls with it, well while it works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t! So that’s where you have a plan!

Risk is great, but risk with a plan is even better. I take risks, I suppose we all do. From little ones to great ones. But I always believe that if you take a risk knowing there’s a plan to back it up the chances of failure are lower.

Now I’m not saying, yeah take stupid risks knowing you have a half hearted back up plan… No, have a plan and take the risk, knowing you have a solid back up plan.

In business, risk is everywhere. Especially if you have your own, risk is so high and at every angle. But you have to sometimes take risk to move your business forward. But risk in business can also cost you yours… That’s why you have a back up plan, you have risk with reward. If the risk doesn’t go according to plan, know there’s your back up plan to kick in when needed.

So what is more important? Risk or Safety. Interesting, because they come hand in hand. With all risk the chances of failure are higher, with all safety you have no room to grow.

So when thinking about risk in the future. Think about the combination of both to improve you and your company further.

If going have any other questions about the risk taker personality or maybe you are concerned that you take too many risk or none at all, comment below of reach out to me on Facebook / Twitter..

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