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Romance and being a cook come hand in hand. Want to win your way to her heart? Show her you’re good at cooking!

Gentleman, let me give you some advice, a little sense of direction and a big tip I learnt through experience. Now cooking is interesting, because we all like cooking for ourselves. However, when cooking for other people, it can a little chore… Unless you have a love for it! Anyway time to give you cook/romance advice!

Cooking is a gentleman tip that should be at the top of your list. Women love it, it shows you are capable of more than just being a macho man, you can put on that apron a cook your signature dish. I think its so romantic for a girl when a guy cooks for them.

Now, if you have read that last line and thought “Shit, I cant cook…” Well, let me give you a helping hand! Now I can’t cook for you, nor can I be your personal assistant. However, I can give you some links to get those beginners chefs on track! Click the link to send you to meal recipes that are practically impossible to mess up.

Or check out the recipes below!



What did you think of the food advice with a dash of romance on the side! Make sure you comment below or reach out to me on twitter or Facebook! If you want to check out more food posts, check out these posts below! I’m sure there’s something that will take your picking!

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