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Sandown Park’s Coral Eclipse Event | What you need to know!

Good afternoon everyone! How’s everyone’s day going? I wanted to tell you all I will be attending the Sandown Park Coral Eclipse Event next month on the 8th July, will I see you all there?

Coral Eclipse Event, Why It’s The Event Of The Year!

I love the races; there is something about getting suited and booted, hair slick back, money in your pocket ready to get betting on your favourite horses. Horseracing is the second biggest spectator sport in Britain, c.6 million attend the races each year so you can see why I love it so much.

Coral Eclipse Event

‘Frankel, a racehorse that was retired to stud at the age of four having gone unbeaten in 14 races between 2010 and 2012, is valued at over £100 million based in stud fees – this is more than some of the world’s top footballers’

If you look back to horse racing and where it all began 95% of modern racehorses descend from Eclipse, born in 1764, the horse that the feature race on 8 July @Sandownpark is named after. So you can see why Sandown Park is so popular.

What makes the racing a great day is where you go, Sandown Park holds some of the best racing in Britain, the location itself is fantastic, with the right people around you and winning some races it’s the formula for the perfect day.

sandown races

A general view of the parade ring at Sandown Park

‘The average daily calorie intake for a racehorse is 35,000, the same as eating 600 Weetabix.’

I think what I’m most excited about though is that feeling. When you’re on the edge of the track, looking onto the horses and seeing the horse you bet on in first, jumping up and down keeping your fingers crossed as it comes in for the last quarter, just hoping that it will cross the line first. That’s what makes it at these events, the atmosphere and Sandown smash that out the ballpark.

‘During a race, a horse’s heart will pump 300 litres of blood/minute – the same volume as 600 bottles of fizzy drink.’

sandown races 2017 horses

If you’re interested in having a phenomenal day out and sharing a drink with me while we bet on the horses at the Coral Eclipse Event then get your tickets here and see me there! Don’t miss out on one of the best days of the year; fingers crossed the sun is shining as well.

Buy your tickets HERE.

See you all there,

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