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The other day we had the opportunity to meet a great company from the heart of the Worcester area, a company rich in experience with a long track record of supporting businesses of all sizes. Statcom LTD are a local Worcestershire company offering Cat Cabling and specialist telephone systems and support. At the time we were just about to move offices and naturally, it was interesting to hear all about them and the services they offer.

When you think of moving to new premises you often overlook the cabling or telephone requirements that you’ll need but it’s such a crucial part of any business move that it is folly to ignore it.

We live in such a forward-thinking time where decisions need to be made quickly and responses must be prompt. Without modern and up to date telephone and communications systems in place this can quickly affect business productivity and growth.

So we discussed the cost of telephone systems and how sometimes there is a smoke and mirrors act regarding what is the best approach and provider to choose.  It was refreshing to find that Statcom Telecoms were a straight-talking group that were genuinely concerned that we understood what we needed and that we weren’t persuade by others to over specify and overspend on our requirements.

They spend a significant amount of their time researching communications trends and needs and could predict what the future of telephone systems would be like.  They explained that a recent client was surprised to find that Statcom Telecoms were 30% cheaper a month than the next provider. Which was crazy to think about as we knew of so many people who had gone with more expensive providers just because they weren’t aware of the local companies around them.

Naturally I’m quite an advocate of using local companies and discovering such a range of skilled and amazing people within Worcester that that are right under your nose. What’s even better is hearing about someone local, supporting local companies at affordable competitive prices.

If you’re thinking of moving offices or feel that your telephone systems could do with an update then talk to Statcom LTD, they provide honest results and will always be there for you even if you just want some advice.  It’s good to talk.

If you want to know more about Statcom Telecoms or the services they offer then head over to their website today: https://statcomtelecoms.co.uk/ and check out their latest news and offerings. It’s time to get the care you need from a company that provides you with the best services possible.


Statcom LTD, a business telephone a cable company you can depend on.


James Vincent