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Scary Facts About Your Makeup!

Good afternoon you lovely people, this morning I featured the ultimate makeup quiz, and now you guys want to know a bit more about makeup, so how about some scary facts that will shock you…

There are no federal regulations in the U.S:

The United States Food & Drug Administration isn’t testing cosmetic ingredients because, well, they’re not drugs or food. Actually, just about any chemical can be used in cosmetic goods.. Just be careful of that! If you feel is not reacting well with your skin, best not to use it.

Companies don’t have to test their products…

Well, not in any way that has to be demonstrated. Like we said, the FDA doesn’t have legal authority to approve cosmetics. So if they don’t feel like testing it, they don’t have to. However in the UK. rules are slightly different… It can be a little more confusing on what products should be tested!

80 percent of ingredients used in personal care products have never been tested for safety.

Yeah, that’s right! It’s unfortunate to say but no they don’t!

Fragrance can mean pretty much anything.

It can mean anything from a couple of natural oils to a straight-up chem lab. In the make up world the word fragrance can be very well.. .vague.

Organic probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Yeah, organic can mean so much, from highly organic products, to a product used with 99 percent of chemicals is also deemed as organic.

The average woman uses 13 products per day with 515 ingredients:

Oh yeah, from statistics obtained this is actually correct!

“All-natural” or plant-based products tend to have a shorter shelf life

Remember, if a product is all natural, the product lifestyle is usually a lot smaller, as there are no preservatives… So watch out for the expiry date!

Products that come in jars can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Because, of the jar the product comes in, it can be used to rapid increase the rate of bacteria, so it’s best to wash your hands before you use them.

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Have a great afternoon,