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SEX APPEAL: How To Look More Attractive;

Okay I’ve had a couple requests recently on how to look more attractive. People want to know tips on how to look cooler and drive that sex appeal, well let me help you out. There are certain tricks and tips that will definitely make you look bolder, sharper and stand out more to that person you have been trying to attract.

So what I’m going to show you today is some tricks of the trade, some little hacks I’ve learnt on my journey;

Short sleeve shirts: 

Now unless you have guns of steel, short sleeve shirts don’t really work, they remind me of school boy shirts. Exchange the short sleeve for a long sleeve and roll up the sleeves instead.

Shoes shined:

Lets get those shoes shined, come on don’t be slacked, if you are wearing smart shoes, then they have to look smart, spit polished shined.

Leave out the white socks:

Unless you are about to play a serious round of tennis, leave the white socks at home. They just don’t look good, sorry!

Buy clothes that actually fit:

Don’t be that guy from the 90’s baggy jeans and a white tee, this is the 21st century, keep sharp and buy the right sized clothing. ‘Will the real slim shady please stand up’ ( If you want fashion outfit ideas, head over to my fashion section)

Simple Boxers:

Go for plain colours, don’t go for striped aztec prints with text on them, my god the girl will look at that and run away. Calvin Kleins, or Drake and Hutch are good recommendations.


Right, okay let me just give a simple rule to all you men out there; Trim, look after yourself, down there. Come on man, no girl likes that, like at all.

Deodorant is not optional:

Yeah to all you people out there thinking o’natural is okay, step back inside grab the nivea deodorant and then carry on with the day.

Eau De Toilette must be used sparingly:

When using Eau De Toilette it is an extra, just a couple sprays. You do not need to spray 1000 times over yourself before leaving the house, the smell will become over powering and you do the exact opposite of what you hoped.


Working out isn’t going to kill you, a bit of exercise if good for you, so keep up the exercise and look in shape, you will feel more confident and look healthier.

Beard or No Beard:

lets just settle this here, if you can grow proper facial hair and you look good with a beard, then rock it. But if you can only grow minimal don’t try and grow one, you look so stupid with these odd hairs popping over you face, rock the clean shaven look instead.

If you have any other tips into looking more attractive, then head over to my twitter and drop me a message, or comment below!

Have a great evening,