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The Art Of Shaving Correctly, Let Me Tell You!

Shaving is not meant to be a chore, it’s not meant to be something you come to do and think, here we go. Time to cute half my cheek, leave patches of hair and look a bit weird for a few days… No no. There is an art to shaving correctly, that’s what I’m hear to do.

While I do not have that much facial hair, I do grow some, that being all over my face but is small quantities haah! None of my family are very hairy but for me any kind of facial hair doesn’t exactly look good…

But even myself with a limited amount of facial hair I can easily shave wrong and end up looking the fool. I’ve seen it before where people do shaving reviews and the blame the razor for a bad shave when it may actually just be you shaving incorrectly!

The diagram below explains how the blade should run across your face, it’s meant to be effortless, this is the right way.



So you can see from the diagram the way your hair naturally grows on your face is the way you should be running your blade across it. This way it should reduce the effort to shave and to make it easier and effortless.

Even myself I make mistakes when shaving, so this diagram points you in the right direction. But it’s all well and good showing you the correct way. But make sure you blade is as good as those steady hands.

If you have any other questions about the proper format of shaving, or problems you run into when you shave. Comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media platforms

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