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Burtons Menswear is one of my favourite stores for clothing, over the years I have bought so much of them, they just produce these fantastic designs to match the seasons, so today i’ve decided to do a post on one of their shirts, the shirt of the week.

The shirt I’m wearing is from the latest line, a slim fit blue oxford shirt. This is a shirt that every man should own, it works so well for all occasions. The design of the shirt, hugs your body, giving you that tapered look. Matching this with some dark blue jeans and desert boots you are ready for the day.

I’ve worn this shirt at work, matching it with black Jeans and chelsea boots but also just worn it on a casual day rolling up the sleeves and going for the relaxed look. This shirt is very well priced and I even think its half price at the moment, so go check it out and have a browse of their clothes. If you want to see my other fashion posts click HERE.

If you have any other questions, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can see more photos of me wearing Burtons clothing on my Instagram @james.vincent

Have a great morning,


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