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River Island – Shirt of the week:  Good evening you lovely people, this evening I’m talking about the shirt of the week, which was River Island. 

Now I haven’t done a shirt of the week in a while, the last one was a classic Burton Menswear Oxford Shirt, which you can view here. Anyway, this shirt is a slim fit tartan shirt, with a very cool lumberjack feel.

I have bought a small size ( usually I would buy mediums, this in an exception) , this is only because the way the shirt has been designed it just looks so much better with the slightly tighter look. It hugs the arms better and is great for rolling up the sleeves, if needed.

This type of shirt should be at every mans disposal, it can be worn on both smart and casual occasions. If you’re at work and you need a smart looking shirt to match those skinny black jeans then this is the shirt for you. But, you can also wear this on a night out, it works both ways.

Now if you’re looking for this shirt from River Island, you may be need to go in store, I’ve had problems finding this online recently as they are trying to start the Spring lines, but I have also seen it on ASOS, so if you cant find it in River Island try ASOS.

Also a couple people wear asking on twitter what watch is in the picture, that is a debonair time watch, the full review of that was is here if you want to read it.

If you have any other questions about this shirt, don’t forget to tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can check out my latest shirt photos on my instagram page @james.vincent. 

So if you liked this shirt, or you own something similar, comment below!

( P.S this is a preview, of a very cool Lumberjack fashion post I’m going to feature in the next few days) 

Have a great evening,