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Evening guys,

I decided that I would do a quick Shirtinator Review, I have used these guys a couple times on some events, for example, I used this company for my Girl Giveaway I have also featured it from James Vincent.life T shirts. 

So you’re looking for custom print t-shirts, there are a lot of companies, offering it nowadays! I’m even sure that somewhere in the town you live in offers it somewhere. So, what makes shirtinator different? Well these guys offer them at an incredibly affordable price, also full T-shirt custom printing, a lot of companies limit the space where you can actually print on the tee.

The last time I used them was on my Girl Giveaway, I wanted to design some t-shirts that I could giveaway to my followers. What’s great about shirtinator is that they offer fitted for female and males, to their body shapes. Which is so good, so they can actually be worn out without looking baggy or out of shape.

Now, naturally when you buy anything offline especially something printed, you can get a little worried that it’s not going to be right, or wrongly printed or just not arrive at all. Well don’t worry with shirtinator, they first of all give you tracking, which is so good, you can keep tabs on where it is. In addition, when the t-shirts arrived, they were full protected and absolutely fantastic quality. with deep printing which looks so professional.

I was so happy with the result of it and my followers seemed to love them just as much, I’m definitely going to use them again! If you have any other questions about the Shirtinator review, comment them below, or tweet me @mrjamesvincent

Go check out their site here and have a browse of their custom print t-shirts.

Have a great evening,