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Wool Coat | How To Clean And Take Care Of it.

Well, its Winter, its that time of the year where its getting colder and colder. With that in mind, its time to bring out all those winter clothes of yours. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be walking around in the same contents as a sleeping bag. Its time to get some pieces of clothing to really make you look amazing. But in particular, you my friend need a wool coat.

“How to take care and look after your wool coat.”

The classic, timeless and sophisticated pieces of clothing, the wool coat always looks good. But now that its time to take it out from the back of the wardrobe, try and flatten it out and clean out the pockets from last year. You look down at the slightly crinkled coat, to see splattered mud, stains and all that paints a picture of the year before. You take a step back, grab your breath and think “My coat, you need some love and attention”. So I’ve pulled together some golden cleaning tips for you to use and restore that once new and sophisticated coat.


  • To properly clean a wool coat, its best to take it to the dry cleaners. They will make sure they do a proper job.
  • This will prevent any damage and will speed up the time to produce the best results.

Quick Maintenance:

  • Right then, first things first. Let’s get rid of all the dirt and left over dust from last year. Use a stiff bristles brush which will work wonders, making sure you work from top to bottom.
  • Without realising it you probably gained a few stains over the months. To get rid of those nasty stains, use this simple but effective method. Dampen a cloth and gentle dap to remove stains you can spot.
  • Then, leave to dry properly.



  • When storing your wool coat, make sure its stored in a dry place. In addition where there will space for your wool coat not to get creased. Its very important to actually give it space.
  • Make sure its hung on a wooden hanger and all the buttons are done up to keep its shape.