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Shop Worcestershire is a platform which allows businesses to tag their posts using either @ShopWorcestershire or #ShopWorcestershire and in return promotes their businesses! It’s really that simple, by doing this we push local independents and help small businesses grow their online platforms like website/Social media/Magazines/Websites and so much more.Β 

Since launching it we have had so many people already use the hashtag and want their business promoted which is amazing, its taken off so quickly and its such a good feeling! With that thought we are now offering the business deal that will support your digital growth today.Β The Hive Worcester

Shop Worcestershire is now launching its first business offer – Β£4.99 a month, for 12 months, so just under 60 pounds and in return you get so many features that will support your business today! We are already seeing businesses jump on this great deal!

Shop Worcestershire

When you sign up to Shop Worcestershire/Discover Worcestershire business package you get all these features;

  • Social media promotion
  • Listing on website
  • Events promotion
  • Press releases
  • Small workshops and business support
  • Networking
  • Awards
  • Special events
  • Newsletter
  • And so much more!

How cool is that, we want to help grow your further, you can do that by signing up today! Head over to discoverworcestershire.com to see more and for Β£4.99 a month what do you really have to lose?

Discover Worcestershire

Isn’t that just amazing? Its the support your business needs, the extra hand to grow you online which will hopefully create more conversions which should in return create more business. It’s so simple, you sign up, we will give you instructions, you tag us and we will do the rest!

If you want to know more about this amazing offer for your business then contact me on james@discoverworcestershire.com today and I would love to tell you more, visit Worcestershire love Worcestershire!

Have a great day,


Shop Worcestershire Visit Worcestershire Today
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