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Shop Worcestershire | Love Worcestershire

Shop Worcestershire, an idea a vision a great tool to showcase the amazing independents in Worcestershire. Everyday more and more fantastic ideas pop up, from online clothing stores to cafes to the most refreshing cocktails! If you haven’t kept up with what I’ve been up to let me refresh your memory! About 4-5 months ago, Discover Worcestershire was launched, a concept to list all the amazing and fun things to do in Worcestershire! Now with the support of some amazing bloggers, writers, businesses and people its grown massively and i’m feeling very chuffed, but now its time to expand and grow even more, its time to evolve and with that thought we have Shop Worcestershire!

The concept behind Shop Worcestershire is to showcase the amazing places that are around us, as the months go on more and more people are producing their own businesses, coming up with their own ideas that they want to showcase to the world, where I live its surrounded by people who are entrepreneurial, who have their own visions and dreams they want to develop and grow.

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That’s where I want to help, I want to share and help promote their ideas! Help them get off the ground, share and support all the amazing things they are doing. Shop Worcestershire will help do that, from events, news, photos, messages, promoting and so much more will give the initial support to these businesses for those who want it.

I love Worcester, I grew up in Worcestershire. Independents have made this already great county into an even better one, I have developed a dedicated site to share all the amazing things people do, all the amazing things you do. Support Worcestershire, grow the independents #ShopWorcestershire.

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If you want to know more about Shop Worcestershire and our vision behind it just send me a message on Twitter or you can email me here: contact@jamesvincent.life and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

This is just the beginning, this is going to be great #watchthisspace