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Singles Awareness Day | Why It’s Okay To Be Single

Singles Awareness Day: If you’re reading this, you’re probably single; you’re probably thinking “James, shed some light on the darkened, annoying and soppy day” Well, that’s what I’m here to do, let’s begin.

If you hadn’t realised already, today is Valentines Day; I don’t know how you didn’t realise it’s been shoved down our throats for the last month, What I’m here to do today is talk to you about why it’s okay to be single.

Being single has its perks, I mean you didn’t need to think about what present to get your other half, you didn’t need to spend money, you didn’t need to shave.. down there, and you know what, you can wear PJS all day, I’m not judging. Well, yes, those are pretty generic answers, so let’s go a little deeper into this situation.

Did you know this is the most popular time for people to get together, but also break up? What does that tell you, it says the situation has been rushed. I don’t believe in looking for love because it’s like this if you force it, go hunting for it, you’ll never find that perfect match.

Love is meant to be spontaneous and yeah a bit magical it’s supposed to stop your heart for a second, then second guess every text they send you and make you go a little nutty, but when we go looking for its like Jigsaw piece, yeah its may fit, but it wasn’t the perfect fit.

So how do you stay single, without losing your mind, consuming the whole box of chocolates and listening to James Blunt on replay? Keep your mind on track, follow your career, get excellent grades better yourself and LOVE yourself before you go looking for it. A bit of independence will better you, it will make you stronger, smarter and more confident and you know what, those aren’t bad things at all.

I know, this day can get you down a little, you think about love more than ever? The idea of having someone by your side is getting to you, but it shouldn’t you’re single that’s not a bad thing, its actually a good thing, more time for you!

I believe in a philosophy that you should live your life, go down the path you were meant to travel and eventually, that perfect person will cross your path and carry on with you. For now, go live your life to the fullest and experience what it has to offer.

How to spend Valentines Day Alone: