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Don’t Underestimate Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics, a tool available to so many businesses, a piece of software capable of showcasing information that can improve your company growth, but the question is “Do you understand it and do you know how to use it?”

Social media, something that has literally changed the game for most businesses. With some companies using it as one of their biggest marketing tools and some companies not even wanting to touch it. For example, you have companies like Daniel Wellington using it as their biggest selling tool, swearing by it and using a team of people to keep it successful but then you have the opposite like JD Wetherspoons chain of restaurants quitting it in 2018 and stating it does nothing for them.

Everyone has their own opinion on it and with all the news of Mark Zuckerburg and apps, social media and everyone else obtaining data of users they shouldn’t be does naturally make a fair few of us a little nervous. However, this still doesn’t mean we won’t use these beloved apps, we will just narrow the information that is public and choose our platforms more carefully.

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Even though social media is constantly changing and evolving in my opinion its still a great tool for marketing and for understanding customer behaviour. For example, Hot Source has a range of clients in different fields, from Nurseries to Flooring to Airlines. Each one of their analytics is going to differ, each customer will have a different behaviour and showcase different interests.

With the use of proper social media I am able to analyse their platforms to understand how the user interacts with their accounts and then advise what I believe is best for the growth of their company. I have seen it time and time again where companies post sporadically, their content is whatever they feel would work and the imagery is something they like. However, its never usually the case, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the user.

We must use analytics to know if Male/Female follow more, which ages and why, what days and what times. Using public data we can cater our social content accordingly for positive growth.

If you want to know more about how Hot Source can train you to understand your social media analytics better please do get in contact and I would love to help out. contact@jamesvincent.life

There are many ways to improve your business growth through digital marketing tools, its just making sure you understand what you are using and teaching you to use them correctly.

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