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Looking for a charger that actually works, how about an Solar iPhone Charger! This is one of the best pieces of technology I own! iPhone’s always have problems with battery, with practically having these small computers at your fingertips, they are naturally going to drain your battery! 

Now I’ve got those battery cases, which are great! But, sometimes I also forget to charge them, then I’m left with no battery once again… So when I stumbled across a Solar iPhone Charger I was like ‘I’ve got to have one of these’ the one energy source that doesn’t run out.. Sunshine!

This specific one, is from brando.com  When this charger arrived, I just had to unwrap it and give it a go! The charger comes with cables for your phone, but I attached, my own charging cable, as its extra long!

DUAL USB SOLAR PORTABLE POWER BANK – 5000MAH  Is an piece of technology that should have on your wish list, if you’re  on the go you need battery 24/7 and this is a gadget you should have on you!

If you have any more questions about the charger, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can check out my Instagram @james.vincent 


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