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Caffeinated Bracelet: 

So something has launched on the market, a gadget that is on my wish list. Now you guys know how much I love coffee! It’s literally the best thing in the world, but sometimes there just isn’t enough coffee, something you feel like you need to up your coffee dosage to keep you active. Well, look no further, a caffeinated bracelet has just been launched!

The product (which is available on Indiegogo) works kind of like a nicotine patch, releasing caffeine through your skin over the course of four hours. One patch contains 65 mg of caffeine, which is about the same as a medium cup of coffee.

How it works so well, is that is slowly released the caffeine throughout the day, instead of just having a a coffee drink, this gadget slowly releases it throughout the day, this way you don’t become a jittery monster craving caffeine.

However, you have to think. As this gadget is releasing the sweet caffeine we all crave through our skin, will it become addictive? Will we crave it more and more as its hooked up to us like an IV.

I want to hear your thoughts on this caffeinated bracelet, tell me what you think? Is this something that you would buy? Or tweet me @mrjamesvincent

Hope you have a great day,