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Love Advice: It’s called the spark its that amazing feeling that you both want the same thing… Is it there?

It’s time for some love advice: The spark, if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically that connection you and that other person can have. Its that moment you are both on the same page, you both want the same thing. Its like putting fire to gunpowder, its that amazing moment you both just roll with what happens and it becomes a magical thing.

Now, the spark, it doesn’t always happen straight away. Oh no, its not always like the movies where you both look eachother in your eyes on first glance and fall madly in love, while this is pretty out there, its not totally un common, don’t worry you fairytale lovers!

So when does this happen then? Well, everyone is different… I can’t tell you that, but you’ll know the minute it happens its the moment your gut is saying roll with this, you both want it! But not just that you both want it, that the connection between you is strong.

Now, I’m also mentioning the spark to warn you… Now you know the old saying “It takes two to tango” Well that’s the same with this… You must both seem interested! You both want it, and it becomes more and more obvious that you do. So here are some signs that there is NO spark….

  • Always texting first – If you are the one to always make the first move… Then they aren’t interested.
  • You roll out the flirty banter and they just shut it down…
  • They take ages to reply with poor poor excuses… (Watch out for the sneaky ones)
  • They show no sign of interest of moving things forward.

Now if the spark is there… roll with it and keep it lit! If its not… Don’t force it, put yours out and cut your losses, don’t waste your time on someone that isn’t interested In you!